Theater Career



Theater Work 80-ties

The very start: Peace by Aristophanes, 1978

1980 Theater School Amsterdam

1981/1982 Method Acting, Joyce Aaron, New York, Nancy Gould, Amsterdam

1982 Theater Group Panter, created by Herman Fluitman & Moniek Nusselein

- Letter from Brighton - about a married gay man and his wife

- One Person, monologue by Robert Patrick, English and Dutch

- The Haunted Host, English, by Robert Patrick, Herman Fluitman & Douglas Barron, directed by Mike Hanks, American Repertory Theatre

- La Musica, by Marguérite Duras, Herman Fluitman & Anna Korterink, directed by Lidy Six

- Songs by Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill (Herman Fluitman, Moniek Nusselein, Tonny van Kothen, Mike Hanks

1984 Ruïne, directed by Selma Susanna & Carla Delfos, United Sweat

1984 Grenzen, written and directed in order of COC, about aging gays/lesbians

1985 Kiss of the Spider woman, directed by Herman Fluitman

Shows in long gone Jewish Restaurant Iboya, Amsterdam

Shows in long gone Theatre Restaurant La Strada, Amsterdam

1987/1996 Broek in Waterland Summer Festivals, as actor, singer, writer, director


- Neeltje Pater, 1987, Herman played the main part Mammon, God of Money, Anke Lankreyer played Neeltje Pater

- Ende dispereert niet, 1989, Herman played the main part Jan Pieterszoon Coen, Dutch colonisator of Indonesia

- Dagen zonder zon, 1996, text Henk John, lyrics Herman Fluitman, music Martin van Dijk, director Wanda Grendèl/Herman Fluitman

1987/1994 The Gentlemen, a musical group that made three shows with 200 performances each. The Group played The Netherlands, Belgium, and Dutch expats in Brunei and Oman

One Person 1982

Brief uit Brighton 1984

Neeltje Pater 1987

Aneliese Knies as 'Ilse' in Grenzen 1984

Kiss of the Spider Woman 1985

La Strada 80-ties Ernst - Herman - Jan Willem

La Strada 80-ties Dorine van der Klei

La Strada owners Detlef & Jan Willem

La Strada audience a.o. my brother Francesco & Betty - second row

La Strada Left Dorine van der Klei, Anke Lankreyer

Theater Work 90-ties

Dinnershow The Inn, Maroesja Lacunes & myself at 52

1991 Cd by The Gentlemen: 'n Klein Weerbarstig Spijkertje', arranged and produced by Nico van der Linden (RIP 2021), Youtube, Heren op Zicht

(An ABBA song, translated into Dutch by Herman)

Shows in long gone Theatre Restaurant Claes Claesz, Jordaan Area, Amsterdam

1996 Cd 'Vraag niet waarom' by Czech/Dutch singer Ilona Cechova, lyrics: Herman Fluitman, music: Martin van Dijk

1997 Musical West Side Story - Dutch Production by Joop van den Ende, Herman played Officer Krupke and was understudy for Schrank and Doc

1998/2000 Dinnershows by Herman Fluitman & Maroesja Lacunes (Ti Ta Tovenaar) in Theater Restaurant Claesz Claes, Jordaan Area, Amsterdam for sold-out houses

- De Herberg -The Inn, part 1, Lyrics: Fluitman & Lacunes, Music: Dario Fo

- The Inn, part 2, Lyrics: Fluitman & Lacunes, Music: covers

- The Inn, part 3, Lyrics: Fluitman & Lacunes, Music: Martin van Dijk

- The Villa, Lyrics: Fluitman & Lacunes, Music: Martin van Dijk, Director: Wanda Grendèl



De Herberg Restaurant Singel 101 Amsterdam

The Herberg Pigs

The Herberg Pigs Herman Fluitman & Maroesja Lacunes

The Villa Raffaela, doggie, Maroesja, Herman, Piet

Theater Work 2000 - now

2000 Teacher method acting at Theateropleiding Selma Susanna, Amsterdam

2000 Herman teams up with pianist/tenor Ernst Klijzing with shows in Theater Restaurant Claes Claesz and Het Perron, Jane Assenderp, closed 2016

2007 Cd 'Il Nostro Viaggio Insieme' with Herman Fluitman, Ernst Klijzing, Ine Kuhr, Nico van der Linden

2011 Cd 'Circus' with Herman Fluitman & Ernst Klijzing - Dutch songs, lyrics: Herman Fluitman, Music: Martin van Dijk, and many others

2019 International Cd 'Songs I would have loved to sing', by Herman Fluitman and his producer Eric Lensink, in June 2019 the show premiered in Betty Asfalt Complex, Amsterdam, baritone Herman Fluitman, mezzo soprano Willy Tifres, alto Lous Leloux, piano/tenor Ernst Klijzing


Recording Songs I would have loved to sing 2019

Il nostro viaggio insieme Ernst Klijzing, Herman Fluitman, Ine Kuhr 2007

Preparing Cd Circus Ernst & Herman in the garden of his sister in France 2009

Recording session Friend Cita Lobato de Mesquita during a pause 2019

Cd Presentation 2019 tenor Eric, mezzosoprano Willy Tifres, alto Lous Leloux, baritone/ leading voice Herman