Herman's son Moisè, art painter & videographer from Eritrea. Herman & Moisè met in 2013 during La Gran Tragedia di Lampedusa


Lampedusa 2013
Ottobre 3 2023
Commemorazione 10 anni

Respiro Leader


Singer/ Actor/ Writer/ Director/ Producer/ Psychologist/ Sociologist/ Philosopher

Residing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Herman is a cosmopolitan and travels a lot




Herman has published  (travel) books

  • 1977 A Malta Diary, revised 2018, A gay love story
  • 2015 The Lampedusa Connection in English/Italian 
  • 2018 The Lampedusa Connection in Dutch 
  • 2018 Maltees Dagboek, een gay liefdesverhaal
  • 2018 A Vittoriosa Diary, in order of Mayor John Boxall
  • 2023 Anna, about his rebellious aunt Anna during World War II

Herman’s Cd’s

  • 1991 'n Klein weerbarstig spijkertje, arranged by Nico van der Linden
  • 1996 Vraag niet waarom, Yiddish songs by Ilona Cechova, lyrics Herman, music Martin van Dijk
  • 2007 Il Nostro Viaggio Insieme - Herman, Ernst Klijzing, Ine Kuhr, Nico van der Linden
  • 2011 Circus, new Dutch songs by Herman & Ernst, lyrics Herman, music Martin van Dijk, Ernst Klijzing, Johan Hoogeboom, Hildegard Knef, Kurt Weill, Vangelis, Italian opera composer Donizetti, German opera composer Engelbert Humperdinck
  • 2019 Songs I would have loved to sing, in seven languages

Vittoriosa, one of the three cities, Malta

Te story of Herman and his son Moisè on Lampedusa 2013